Research Interests: I am currently conducting a research project on complex collaboration to investigate how teams work together across disciplinary, organizational and national boundaries. I am also interested in how new technologies – such as social media, online communities and wikis – influence this collaborative work.

Journal Publications

RESEARCH ARTICLE: An Analysis of Unconventional Gas Well Reporting under Pennsylvania's Act 13 of 2012
Joel Gehman, Diego Mastroianni, Angela Grant and Dror Etzion (2012).
Environmental Practice, Volume 14, Issue04, December 2012 pp 262-277

Conference Papers

Mastroianni, D., Faraj, S. & Safadi, H. 2014. « Knowledge Creation Practices in a Healthcare Collaborative Work Community », Open and User Innovation Conference. Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA 2014.

Mastroianni, D. & Faraj, S. 2014. « Synchronizing Expertise in Cross-Functional Collaboration », ASAC Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. Muskoka, ON 2014.

Mastroianni, D. & Faraj, S. « Knowledge Integration in Multidisciplinary Teams » Academy of Management Meeting, Boston 2012.

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